Self Care

  • The Economy of Forgiveness - Some thoughts on this subject from the book Brain Power: Improve Your Mind as You Age by Michael Gelb 
  • Getting past a poor third year review - advice from the collaborative blog "Tenure, She Wrote" devoted to chronicling the (mis)adventures of women in academia, from undergraduate to Full Professor.

Research Issues

  • Responding To Research Wrongdoing: A User-Friendly Guide was developed under a grant from the National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and the HHS Office of Research Integrity, No. R01 NS049573.  This is a free resource, and you are invited to share it (and this web site) with others interested in research ethics and academic integrity. They published an opinion paper in Nature on July 22, 2010 describing the results of the study that lead to creation of the Guide


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