The University Ombuds Office offers educational outreach to all members of the university community on preventing, managing, and resolving conflict. Training and education are often effective tools used to address and manage current conflicts, prevent future disagreements from escalating, and improve communication overall. The following training options can be tailored and delivered to meet your team's needs. Pre-recorded sessions are available to meet the need for remote options, as noted below. Please contact us at [email protected] or click on Request a Training in the menu above to discuss and schedule your training.


  • Conflict Management
    • Conflict is an inevitable part of any work environment. In this interactive session, participants are introduced to resolution strategies, framing messages, active listening, and a four-step model for addressing and navigating conflicts. Concepts covered are based on research theory in communication and conflict. Interactive elements illustrate key concepts and allow participants to experience and apply new skills. Conflict management training is offered to all OSU students and employees. Negotiating Difficult Conversations with Care, a pre-recorded presentation by Sue Theiss for Center for Teaching and Learning symposium in 2017, is available upon request.
  • Bullying
    • Conflicts involving bullying are some of the most challenging to address and manage effectively. Participants in this session will learn to recognize the stages of bullying, its far-reaching effects and multiple dimensions, and options for effective intervention, assistance, and support. Bullying education is recommended for all OSU students and employees. The Process of Bullying, a pre-recorded presentation with Sue Theiss, is available upon request. 
  • Moderating Conversations in the Classroom and Online
    • Healthy learning environments are critical to student development and can be cultivated intentionally. This highly interactive training is customized for each learning environment (classroom, online and hybrid), providing participants with multiple strategies and tools for establishing inclusive communication and de-escalating conflict. Participants will explore a case study to identify how technology tools can be leveraged, and discuss how to write consistent expectations of civility into syllabi, assignments, and online forums. Moderating Conversations training is appropriate for teaching faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants.
  • Interacting Across the Generations
    • For the first time in American history, 5 generations are actively engaged in the workplace, creating a new dynamic for communication and work within our organizations. The presenter will highlight generational differences in workplace values, work styles, communication preferences and orientations towards dealing with conflict. The interests and values that all generations have in common, along with practical strategies for cross-generational communication and cooperation, are also discussed. Multi-generational training is suitable for all OSU employees. Interacting across the Generations, a pre-recorded presentation by Robynn Pease, is available upon request.


  • Diagnostic tool for managers: Conflict Climate Inventory

    • When teams are committed to improving their workplace environment, an in-depth, all-inclusive perspective of the climate can generate a roadmap with tangible goals for change. The Conflict Climate Inventory (CCI) is a diagnostic tool available to OSU departments and administrative units, administered by University Ombuds Office staff who are CCI-certified. To learn more about the CCI as well as other options for specifically addressing conflict climate, please contact the University Ombuds Office at (541) 737-4537.  


 Our staff are experienced at providing education on a variety of topics under the conflict management umbrella, from interpersonal to group dynamics. Contact us to discuss programming designed to meet your needs. Please contact Shalece Rains for more information.