An Ombuds will:

  • Listen to all concerns and perspectives
  • Facilitate communication or mediate between individuals or groups
  • Value diversity
  • Provide a safe and confidential* place to share issues
  • Assist in researching resources and options to aid in the resolution of conflict
  • Remain impartial to all parties involved in a conflict
  • Recommend ways to improve policies and procedures
  • Assist employees and students in navigating their way through university systems

An Ombuds won’t:    

  • Advocate for an individual's personal position
  • Address matters that involve the terms and conditions of employment or are within the scope of bargaining
  • Breach confidentiality*
  • Take action without consent
  • Act as a witness in a formal grievance
  • Keep identifying records
  • Violate university policy as part of a solution to your problem